We help you make the path.

Learning & Development, Change Management, and Custom Performance Solutions for your unique and growing organization.

What Path Are You On?


Are you preparing for a large change and need to ensure your people are ready?


Do you already have training in place, but need to track and manage it better?


Do you need help migrating and/or redesigning your courses?


Do the roles on your teams need clear learning plans?


Would you like to find innovative ways to train your employees that will motivate, engage, empower, and increase employee engagement?

At Clearpath, we thoughtfully collaborate and lead companies on the path to performance in a changing environment. We share our strategic approach for success with organizations of all sizes, across industries and practices.

You know where you want your organization to be. Let us help you make the path to get there.

Our Services

Learning & Development Consulting

Change Management and Execution, Learning Strategy, Project/Program Management, Leadership and Culture Development, Conference Leadership

Training Design & Development

Curriculum Architecture, Instructional Design (eLearning, Mobile, ILT, Virtual), Fulfillment Services

Learning Management System (LMS)

Secure, cloud-based LMS scalable to your requirements and branding, or LMS Consulting to find your best solution

How We Work With You

The Clearpath Team is a seasoned group of industry experts.

We specialize in Change Management, Curriculum Architecture, Learning Design and Development, Project Management, and LMS consulting.


We understand the power of effective enablement and how it fuels success.

We are high-touch collaborators and dedicated partners. Clients often mention how easy it is to work with us. We value trust, quality, and achieving your objectives above all else.

What does a typical engagement look like?

We partner to define your “path”, then strategize short-term and long-term options for moving toward your vision. We roll up our sleeves and work closely with you and your team until the job is well done. We partner your critical insight with our proven methodology.

Collectively we bring over 30 years of experience in complex organizations, and as consultants we’ve served a variety of client types across multiple industries. Because of our unique history and expertise, we bring skills and solutions with a highly personal approach.

Learning Management System (LMS)


Cloud-based LMS


Scalable & Secure


Easy to use

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