We Sift Out the Noise

We’re performance strategy experts

With thorough and thoughtful analysis clarity shifts into reach. With a methodical process, solutions come into focus.

"We really had no idea how to go about creating a very customized bilingual course. Clearpath walked us through step-by-step and assisted us in ensuring that the content, presentation, and testing was engaging. It was a great learning experience for all of us. Great people to work with as well. Patient and very positive, direct feedback on how to get it right. Excited for our continued partnership with Clearpath!"

President and C.O.O.


Navigating change can be daunting

Clearpath quickly and effectively discovers, designs, and deploys crystal-clear strategies for businesses finding themselves in uncertain waters. Our measured, personable approach goes a long way. Clients regularly remind us that we simply bring calm to chaos. It’s not easy. The challenges are big. But the possibilities are greater.

Innovation is the key

If the trials of business were all the same, no one would need us. Off-the-shelf solutions for boilerplate problems are easy to find. We don’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach because we don’t believe it does. We think shortcuts lead to short successes.

We're here to help

Client engagements are as varied as client objectives – we meet you where you need us:


[Organizational Design]

Organizational Design aims to identify those often-hidden inefficiencies, redundancies, and knowledge gaps that prevent a business from running smoothly and with maximum efficacy. It looks at the best ways to integrate processes, technology, and systems with the people that use them. Org design examines and realigns the very specific goals of a business to the workforce and leadership driving them forward.

  • Strategic Consulting & Blueprinting
  • Business Process Design
  • Competency Planning
  • Performance Strategy & Design
  • Journey Mapping


[Change Effectiveness]

Change Management helps organizations move smoothly through inevitable change. There will always be new competitors, evolving technology, and economic shifts. At Clearpath we call it Change Effectiveness. When done right it identifies, communicates, and gets ahead of disruption. In the case of market-wide swings, it even provides opportunities to outperform the competition which might not be so prepared.

  • Change Effectiveness
  • Planning & Execution
  • Learning Strategy & Architecture
  • Communication Planning
  • Change Implementation
  • Transition Planning



L&D provides the training organizations give employees to improve their skills, knowledge, and competencies. It also refers to how that information is delivered. The most successful businesses use L&D opportunities to engage and excite a workforce. Clear and meaningful learner journeys empower your people to be and do their best.

  • Learning Strategy
  • Learning Program Evaluation, Design, Development & Management
  • Learning Modality Assessment
  • Instructor-led & Virtual Programs
  • Nano & Video-based Learning
  • Self-paced eLearning

"The Clearpath team is spot-on with their project estimates, and they bring an unexpectedly high level of attention to the partnership and project management aspects of their work."

Learning and Development Leader

Corporate Operations