L&D Specialists

and so much more

It takes a deep bench and a tenacious team

We’ve got both. 

Ours is a group of passionate professionals with the kind of collective experience that can wrestle most anything. Clearpath’s consultants, program leads, project managers, designers, developers, artists, analysts and administrators are honestly second to none. 

Our most essential team member is you

One of the things that most sets us apart is how we work with our clients.

"We certainly learned a lot from you. Your interactions and collaboration with our learning team was thoughtful and collaborative. You were patient and flexible, asked meaningful questions, and challenged the stories we want learners to take away. A big thank you. You made the work valuable.”

Talent, L&D Development

Global Professional Services Company

Clearpath believes in high-touch collaboration—true partnership. We work closely alongside our clients through the whole of a process. It is your input and insight that helps us find and determine the best paths forward. We won’t suggest anything until we understand everything.



Jenn Kammerdiener

CEO, Founder, and Lead Practitioner

Jenn is a Global Learning & Performance Architect with more than 20 years of business strategy and executive consulting experience. She’s led vital initiatives for Fortune 1000 to 100 organizations across industries with a systematic approach to org design, change management, and learning path objectives.

In 2009, Jenn launched Clearpath to provide world-class performance solutions and services with a team approach. Under her leadership, Clearpath’s reach has grown to extend beyond 250,000 learners globally. She credits this flight to the efforts of her impressive team and the value they place on true client partnerships.

Jenn is an expert practitioner and advocate of performance-based strategy. She draws from an extensive cache of methodologies to meet the varied and unique challenges her clients present.  This is one of her secrets to success and the competitive advantage behind the mighty Clearpath collective.

Joanne Scamurra

Senior Vice President of Client Services

Joanne has a keen ability to understand the client’s pain points and precisely translate their needs. She's an invaluable asset to her partners and works seamlessly alongside the varied levels of C-Suite, Management, and Individual Contributors for Fortune 1000 to 100 businesses of all kinds.

Her passion for learning is long, clear, and recognized by many. An awarded top producer, Joanne brings outstanding worth to her clients. At Clearpath, she has facilitated highly successful outcomes for clients in the areas of financial and professional services, big tech, insurance, retail, digital transformation, supply chain, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Joanne's strength in strategy comes from years of hands-on experience helping businesses overcome challenges of all kinds. She's forged a great many long and successful partnerships by always placing her clients first and approaching every situation from their unique lens and perspective.


"Your team is so great to work with! They hold themselves to such a high standard.”

Information Security Lead

HR Software Company


We stand in support of bright futures

The work that we do and the values we hold align to responsible growth.

Clearpath understands what change is all about. We facilitate it each and every day. As an organization we lead by example looking closely around us toward careful, meaningful ways to simply make things better.

We are committed to efforts large and small to help keep our world a beautiful place—one that will respond to our care and reward us in kind.

Ethical:  We treat all business engagements honestly and with the highest level of integrity.

Philanthropic:  It is our charge to provide resources to those in need.

Economic:  Ours is a sustainable business built for resilience.

Human:  We treat all with compassion and fairness seeking to bring out the best in every interaction and relationship we forge.