Organizational Design, Change Management, Learning & Development

L&D Vehicle to Performance


By Jenn Kammerdiener
September 22, 2023

The areas of Organizational Design, Change Management, and Learning and Development support business performance in different, yet complementary, ways. Organizations that grow despite the odds and thrive amongst change understand the importance of paying attention to all three strategic areas of focus.

Seasoned L&D professionals know that these strategies often intersect. If placed in a Venn Diagram, the powerhouse of performance would be found at the point where all three converge.
Let's consider an analogy...

We realize and accept that it takes effort in different areas to keep our cars humming. Businesses require similar attention to perform at their finest.

Organizational Design

To maximize our car’s efficiency, we periodically check the alignment. There are generally small adjustments to be made that greatly improve performance and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Identifying hidden points of failure reduces operating costs and the price of significant repairs down the road.

Organizational Design provides Realignment

Organizational Design aims to identify those often-hidden inefficiencies, redundancies, and knowledge gaps that prevent a business from running smoothly and with maximum efficacy. It realigns business goals to the actuality of the vehicle driving them.

With regard to L&D, it relates to the realignment of business goals to an organization’s people and leadership. It looks at how best to integrate people with the processes, technology, and systems they use. Org design fine-tunes for productivity and makes small fixes to the machine to prevent larger problems.

Change Management

When we set out on a road trip we generally prepare, making sure we have a jack, some road flares, and a spare tire. It’s not that we anticipate needing these things, but there’s a chance. If we live in certain climates, we put snow tires on our cars ahead of winter weather. We don’t know how much snow there will be, but it is inevitable.

Change Management provides Preparation

At Clearpath we call this Change Effectiveness, a strategy that prepares businesses for the unknown and any number of possible and likely hurdles.

Some disruptions are unpredictable, but some are those that businesses must come to expect and embrace. There will always be new competitors, changing technology, and economic shifts. These create new expectations, requirements, and processes. #ChangeEffectiveness strategy means identifying changes, communicating them, and getting ahead of any resistance.

Preparation helps businesses move forward smoothly amid change. In the case of market-wide shifts, it provides them the opportunity to get ahead of the competition that might not be ready.

Learning and Development

Checking the alignment and preparing for our trip won’t get us far if we don’t keep the tank filled. No matter what condition our car is in when we leave the shop, or how stocked our trunk is, it needs gas. When it runs out, it will need more. And the better the fuel we put in the smoother things run.

Learning and Development provides Power

#L&D provides the training organizations give employees to improve their skills, knowledge, and competencies. It also refers to how that information is delivered and to what end.

Whether #onboarding, #leadershipdevelopment, #compliancetraining, #talentstrategy, or other—L&D sets out to provide learning so that people can do their best work. The most successful businesses use L&D opportunities to engage and excite their people in the process. Clear and meaningful learner journeys empower a workforce.

Alignment, Preparation, and Power

Three mighty strategies steer businesses toward optimal performance. Organizational Design creates smooth-running organizations. Change Management keeps companies performing well amid transforming conditions. Learning and Development provides tools and insight to a workforce so that they can drive carefully structured businesses forward.

Skilled L&D professionals map maintenance, correct problems, and suggest the best ways to keep your business running well. It’s our job to see you safely to your destination. And we’d like you to enjoy the ride, too.



Jenn Kammerdiener, Founder and CEO, Clearpath Learning Group

Jenn is a Global Learning & Performance Architect with more than 20 years of business strategy and executive consulting experience. She’s led vital initiatives for Fortune 1000 to 100 organizations across industries with a systematic approach to org design, change management, and learning path objectives. In 2009, Jenn launched Clearpath to provide world-class performance solutions and services with a team approach. Under her leadership, Clearpath’s reach has grown to extend beyond 250,000 learners globally.