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Our client is a multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles. Headquartered in Germany with production in six countries, this world-renowned organization is celebrated for its technological advancements and commitment to providing a premium driving experience to its customers.


Our customer engaged us as both consultant and designer to provide an authentic, inspirational leadership training program to be facilitated remotely. Even though it was virtual, it needed to be extremely engaging, filled with substance, and appropriate for business leaders at the highest level. The design would be multifunctional, with content that could be used for both virtual and in-person experiences down the road. Equally important was the work we’d need to do in interpreting, designing, and aligning the program for a new leadership model that would resonate across cultures.


Clearpath set out to first determine, with certainty, what our customer’s leaders needed to continue to grow and excel in their roles. We used criterion referenced methodology to accurately establish standards that would define and identify when learners were ready to apply such essential knowledge. With that discovery in hand, we were ready to design and put into motion what would become a most meaningful leadership journey.


What resulted was a program that reached across functions—and the Americas. We kept business as usual, and delivered a virtual experience that didn’t skip a beat. We designed a spot-on/hands-on application against the learning objectives that shined new light on the tools and goals within reach. It went so well that we’ve been asked to come back with another. We take that as the highest compliment and are quite eager to innovate once again.





  • Leadership Development
  • Face to Face (in person) and Virtual (online) Instructor Led
  • Leadership Education
  • Online Learning

“Your team is so great to work with! They hold themselves to such a high standard.”

Talent manager,
Luxury vehicle manufacturer