Nuanced training for niche markets


Our client is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online retailer and marketplace. This cutting-edge team provides essential on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments alike.


Clearpath was engaged to design and develop a training program for our client in the Public Sector space. The goal was to ensure that its salesforce keenly understood the nuanced markets of education and government and how to sell to its customers. Courses were to be geared for two different audiences and delivered with insightful, precise, and energizing content.


Our client’s internal teams became our subject matter experts, making the intricacies of the higher education market and state/local government sectors readily available to us. By working together, Clearpath was able to fast-track the identification of learner goals and shift right into analysis and design. We brought our findings to life in coursework that breaks down the complexity of these areas into easily shared and consumable information.


The internal learning team first reached out to us for additional bandwidth. But what resulted was a true and fantastic partnership. Together, we designed and developed a learning program that drew inspiration from this new and energetic collective. Bringing efficient technology into public spaces was an exciting undertaking. And work within the sphere of education is a natural fit for Clearpath.



Business Services / Public Sector


  • Team and Employee Effectiveness
  • ILT/vILT Course Design and Development
  • Product and Service Knowledge
  • Sales Training
  • Online Learning

“You have been an absolute pleasure to work with! The project only got done because you made it so easy for us to get through this process. You’ve done amazing work for this launch and our pilot and beta tests were very, very successful!”

Sr. Manager, Partner Accts.
Fortune 100 Tech Co.