Breathing new life into lifesaving training


The American Red Cross is part of the world’s largest volunteer network found in nearly 200 countries. A nonprofit humanitarian organization, ARC provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education under the umbrella of its powerful mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering.


ARC asked us to produce several eLearning courses for its volunteers centered on preparation instruction for disaster service roles. The stakes were high. We’d need to deliver critical content covering a great deal of ground in such a way as to quickly educate, without overwhelming, learners. And we’d need to proceed with sensitivity to the client’s availability in the unpredictable midst of the challenges they handle.


The project took place while an active disaster was unfolding. Our learning analysts and project managers carried the load, working directly with development so that ARC could focus on the important work they do best. With efficient sprint-based methodology combined with ADDIE Clearpath fast-tracked forward without sacrificing detail. We built in those missing course cues and patterns that help categorize and communicate such a large amount of information. By aligning the look and feel of the training to the client’s branding, the coursework excites volunteers and serves as a reminder that they are part of the remarkable ARC team.


Our client relayed their reassurance in having such a strong design and management partner on board. We created clear and updated coursework appropriate for a volunteer workforce. A learn-do-grow model was designed to be parsed over a series of days, easing the burden of fitting such training into one’s already busy schedule. And we created a confidence factor. Using criterion referenced instruction, the course measured when a learner was ready to use the knowledge they’d been given—vital, of course, to work of this kind. The project was so successful that we’ve been providing on-demand custom design and development for our client ever since. As new needs occur—Clearpath builds learning to accommodate. We are grateful for our longstanding partnership with ARC and are honored to play an ongoing role in the life-changing work that they do.



Non-profit / Charitable


  • Team and Employee Effectiveness
  • eLearning Design and Development
  • Safety and Compliance Training
  • Procedural Training
  • Online Learning

“We are very happy with the work Clearpath has delivered and love working with your team—they are very organized and detailed!”

Learning and Documentation Manager
American Red Cross